Friday, 9 July 2010

Joy be with you! Yorkshire Pearls to create SHOES with Dr Martens

Yorkshire pearl is embarking upon the much deserved journey of creation towards London Fashion week with Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Aside from presenting the much loved bracelets, Bert has been working day and night on his ready to wear collection.

But now comes the cherry on top of all this - In collaboration with Dr Martens there will soon be fantastical shoes gracing the runways. When asked what these will be like, he said he would embellish the tongue of the shoe in the manner of the bracelets, piling objects trovits upon the leather to create a sort of three-dimensional explosion of texture and color seeming to issue from inside the shoe itself. In lieu of the copper or fishing wire that normally binds the bits to the bangle frame, Bert would use the boot's laces, swapping the DM's regular laces for enormous, oversized ones to create a sort of "speed bump" effect. In a dream scenario, he'd love to line the boots with python and fill DM's iconic rubber sole with his own Yorkshire Pearls which would be visible through the transparent rubber.

Watch this space, those fabulous shoes are coming soon!

Read the feature about Yorkshire Pearls and Bert by the Clothes Whisperer on Dr Marten's blog.


  1. now... all the more reasons for me to get a doc martens!! =D