Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bangles Spring Summer 2010

 Yorkshire Pearl's first foray into wrist candy plays with the conceit of the bangle, deconstructing its basic tenants and resculpting it into a thing of three-dimensional wrist art, a work with an ethos, an aesthetic and attitude all unto itself. Each bracelet is handlined with python skin and tightly bound with fishing wire. The adornments of each piece, ranging from vintage buttons to dice to semi-precious gems and fragments of Victorian miniatures and so on, are hand selected by BBERT, sourced from across London's markets and the rest of Europe and the United States. Each bangle has a life unto itself, an amalgam of exquisite objects trovit reworked into a homage to nostalgia and creativity unbound. Wear one at a time or stacked to make a real impression. 

SS10-BA01 "Buttons of Blasphemy": button and wooden adorned bangle I want it! 
SS10-BA02 "Cast the Die": dice, buttons and crushed bead adorned bangle I want it! 
SS10-BA03 "Her Majesty": Colorful gem and pearl adorned bangle I want it! 
SS10-BA04 "Lionheart": Bangle adorned with pears, object trovit, lionshead and pearls I want it! 
SS10-BA05 "Flower Power": Mother of pearl flower piece and gems on silver snakeskin I want it! 
SS10-BA06 "Triple Threat": Three bangles adorned with silk scarves and pearl bits, can be sold separately or as a trio I want it! 
SS10-BA07 "Crushed Pearls": Pearls, gold beads and silver snakeskin I want it! 
SS10-BA10 "Black/White Bundles": Black/White bits, gunmetal snakeskin and assorted buttons I want it! 
SS10-BA09 "Your Majesty": Lion's head, pearls and assorted gems I want it! 
SS10-BA08 "Silver Coin": Assorted silver bits, on crushed black beads I want it! 

 photos by Markus Maverick


  1. Best of luck Bert, the site looks great!

  2. Hey Bert!....I'm your second follower well done looks great-tash x

  3. YAY! Everybody buy loads and let's make this Yorkshire Man as rich and famous as he deserves x

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